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Admissions (School)

Admissions Policy for Admission to North Tyneside Maintained First & Primary Schools for which the Local Authority is the Admissions Authority.
Pupils will be able to go to their preferred school unless there are more applications to that school than there are places available.
If there are more applications than places available at 1st, 2nd, or 3rd preference stages the following oversubscription criteria will be used (in the order shown below) to allocate places after any children with a statement of special educational needs where the statement names a specific school:
  • Children in public care (looked after children).
  • Pupils living within the designated catchment area for the school (proof of address will be required)
  • If places remain, priority is given to children with older brothers and sisters who attend that school and will continue to do so on the admission date. This is sometimes called a sibling link “Sibling Link”  
  • Any remaining places are allocated to children living nearest the school measured in a straight- line from the school main to the home address measured by the Council’s GIS/ ONE system.
Children with Statements
Children with statements of special educational needs, as identified under the Code of Practice that names the school are required to be admitted to that school. The Admission Authority (even when it is the Governing Body) does not have the right to refuse admission. Children with statements naming the school count towards the admission number.

At anytime in the procedures, consideration can be given to applications made on special grounds (e.g. medical conditions or social needs). In this case applicants would need to provide a written evidence from a relevant professional practioner i.e. a doctor or social worker for consideration. The evidence must demonstrate why the chosen school is the most suitable and what difficulties would be caused if the child were to attend another school. The Local Authority will not consider such applications if the relevant evidence is not provided. If provided the evidence will be considered and assessed by a LA Admission Panel – The Local Authority must be satisfied that there is a specified medical or social reason, which makes attendance at, that particular school essential to meet the pupils needs. No assumption should be made that submission of the relevant evidence will, in itself be sufficient to allocate a place.

Note: The above distance measurement will also be used as a ‘ tiebreaker’ within each criterion, if necessary.

Twins/Multiple Births
Where possible twins/multiple births will be placed at the same school. In cases where there is only one place left and the next child on the list is one of a twin, triplet or other multiple birth, the School Admission Team will contact the parents and discuss the options with them. The parents will need to decide whether to accept one place at the school or to keep the children together by accepting another school, for example, it may be possible to offer a lower ranked preference to both/all children.

Equal Preference
North Tyneside will be operating an equal preference system, which will mean that all first, second and third preference applications are considered equally against the admission criteria for that school. At this stage there is no distinction between first, second and third preference applications. Priority will not be given to applicants purely because they named a school as first preference against those who have named the school second or third.

If a pupil qualifies for a place at more than one school on their common application form, the parent’s highest ranked preference will be offered and any lower ranking offers will be disregarded. For example, parent’s first and third preferences might both qualify for place, in which case the parent would be offered their first preference, leaving the place at the third preference school available for another pupil. If it becomes necessary to decide between applicants within the same criterion, the tiebreak described above would be used.