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Admissions (Nursery)

LA admission arrangements for community nursery school and nursery classes
Applications for nursery places should be made directly to the school before the end of January preceding admission in September. Offers of place should be made as soon as possible after this date.
Schools which have had to refuse parents/carers application because of over-subscription will keep a waiting list of the names of applicants up to the start of the Autumn term or ongoing. If a place becomes available it will be offered to the applicant on the waiting list who ranks highest in accordance with the published admission criteria.

Admissions policy for nursery school and nursery classes
The LA provides nursery education to  three year olds and  four year olds leading up to their statutory school starting age.

The over-subscription criteria for admission of pupils to a nursery school or nursery classes where demand is greater than places available is as follows in priority order:
  1. Looked after Children
  2. Children living in the catchment area
  3. the presence of a brother or sister already in the nursery school/class or in the main school
  4. Any remaining places are allocated to children living nearest to the nursery school/nursery class as measured by straight line distance from home to school. It is not the distance travelled by bus or car
Children with statements of special educational needs where the statement names the specific school will take priority.

Any special, social or medical reasons. Preference may be given to children where there is a referral made by Social Services Department or Health Professionals

Governing Bodies/Headteachers are free to exercise discretion in the light of individual circumstances.

Schools must publish their criteria for determining admission and must give details of the number of part -time places available.

The LA advises that all schools adhere to the timetable agreed.

It should be noted that places in a nursery school or nursery class should be on a part- time basis( 5 mornings or 5 afternoon sessions per week) and this will be the maximum amount of funding allocated.

One nursery session is based on two and a half hours in length.

Full time places can only be agreed in exceptional circumstances and in agreement with the Head of Access and Inclusion.

It should also be noted that attendance at a nursery class does not guarantee a place in reception class at the same school.

There is no appeal procedure for parents refused a place in a nursery class or nursery school but if parents feel that they have been unfairly treated then they can go through the Schools Complaints procedure through the Governing Body.

Admission Arrangements:

Nursery School and Nursery Classes