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Name Position
Mr D Rogers Chair of Governing Body
  Vice Chair of Governing Body
Ms R Woods Headteacher
Mr N Gill-Quirke Deputy/KS2 Leader
Miss J Eager Nursery Teacher
Miss G Watts Reception Teacher/ FS Leader
Miss S Currie/Miss J Buchanan Year 1 Teacher
Mrs K Lewis Year 2 Teacher/KS1 Phase Leader
Mrs L Mann Year 3 Teacher
Miss T Mothersdale Year 4/5 Teacher
Mr N Gill-Quirke Year 5/6 Teacher
Miss K Ogden SENCO/ ARP MLD Base Leader
Miss M Ahern PPA Teacher
Miss E Whitmore/Mrs M Lejk Reading Recovery/1:1 Teachers
Mrs E Kinsey/Mrs S Mann/Mr L Young Breakfast Club Team
Miss N Currie Early Years Teaching Assistant
Miss M Maddison Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Kinsey Teaching Assistant
Mrs I Frith Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Chamberlin/ Teaching Assistant
Mrs J McVeigh Teaching Assistant
Mrs K King Early Years Teaching Assistant
Mr L Young Learning Mentor
Mrs S Hook Office Manager
Mrs L Bell Office Manager
Miss S Robson Office Apprentice
Mr I Thompson Site Manager/Cleaner
Mrs S Mann/Mrs V Attrill/Mrs D Towell/Mrs K Quinn Lunchtime Team
Mrs S Spellman/Miss S Hewitson Kitchen Team
Mrs P Ord

Education Welfare Officer - Tel: 0191 643 8392